Raspberry pi (Raspbian Jessie) as a dashboard (Kiosk mode)

Update (04/01) – Project aborted for some reasons:
No efficient nor stable browsers are available for the moment:
  -> Midori or Epiphany use one core only, very poor javascript performance, freeze my pi
  -> Chromium (Ubuntu supported version) is unstable, crashes for no reason and restart is impossible in the same session (you have to log off or reboot)
  -> Iceweasel which has good javascript performance but suffers the same behavior as Chromium
My raspberry doesn’t appreciate to be powering on during many hours, Kernel Freeze appears after a few moment

Use a raspberry pi 2B to replace my home dasboarding system that currently uses Microsoft Windows Today.
In the same time try to display it on a new lcd display with 21:9 (2560/1080) resolution.

The dashboarding system should be activated only when there is someone in the room (a motion sensor informs my Home Automation System and then send a web http request to the raspberry pi)

Functional needs:
-> Web Browsing a web page with javascript
-> Switch on/off the monitor
-> Minimize / Maximize the browser (chrome) in order to decrease cpu usage
-> Can receive order/request from web http command
-> is able to be easily monitored

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